Uticare : Bye, V-symptoms

Experiencing a feminine problem which you are too embarrassed to share about it?
Or maybe you thought that there is no cure for it?
I used to think that way. 
Yes, today’s topic on that sensitive area of women. 
When I experienced V-symptoms like burning pain, itch and unpleasant odor especially during puberty, I thought the symptoms would disappear with time. Eventually, it did go away but sometimes it persists for a long period of time. Feminine washes were unheard of during my time or perhaps I wasn’t introduce to such products yet so I used normal body soap to wash the intimate area. But now I know that’s a NO-NO! The pH value of our sensitive area is between pH3.8 – 4.5 and it is slightly acidic by nature whereas regular body soaps are alkaline in nature. 
Thankfully, there is actually a supplement to help women who experience the V-symptoms out there other than feminine wash. Uticare is not just any supplement but a supplement that uses natural ingredients in its formula. It is Hong Kong’s first laboratory-proven oral product that is safe for consumption. So besides relying on feminine wash (which actually removes both good and bad bacteria), a better option is trying out Uticare which helps to target only at bad bacteria (like E.Coli and Candida) found at your V-area and kills these harmful substances. Uticare also helps to maintain a healthy pH balance at our sensitive area too. 
Uticare can also help with Urinary Tract Infection where you would experience symptoms like burning pain during urination and Vaginitis, where you would experience symptoms like Itch, unpleasure odor and discharges.
Credit: Uticare
But do we really need to take these supplements if our intimate is currently healthy? I thought I wouldn’t need to until I learnt about this. 
Interestingly, Uticare could be taken in three different ways to offer varying levels of protection. 
Fast Relief : If you are experiencing any of the V-symptoms, take 4 capsules.
Reduced occurrence: Take 2 capsules per day as a protective prevention especially right after your symptoms starts to reduce in occurrence.
Strengthened protection: Take 1 capsule especially before menstruation and intimate moments where we are more prone to bacterial infection. 
Currently, I am taking 2 capsules for about a week before menstruation and I think it really helps in reducing unpleasant odor as this is the period where we are prone to bacterial infection (especially we don’t change our sanitary pads frequently.)
Are you experiencing such V-symptoms which causes a lot of inconveniences in your life? Let me know by commenting in the comment box down below.
Uticare (30capsules, 320mg) 
Price: HK$ 358
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