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Mak’s Noodles : Springy Hong Kong Noodles


It’s CNY and if you are looking for a way to stay in touch with your Chinese roots or just to get a taste of the Chinese culture, you can start hanging out at Chinese cafes and restaurants which offer a good selection of authentic Chinese cuisines. And if you are craving for some good old’ Hong Kong-style noodles, you can head to Mak’s Noodles.

Michelin-starred Mak’s Noodles is famous for its classic springy noodles paired with wontons. It’s a simple noodle dish with the springy noodles as the star food item. Some of us may not be accustomed to Hong Kong’s style of noodles which has this al-dente bite to it. Some may find it a little dry while others enjoy that springy texture. But if it is too dry, you can mix in some chili paste, sauce or soup to soften the noodles.

In celebration of Chinese New Year, Mak’s Noodle has introduced give new dishes which are namely the Braised Abalone and Dumpling of Tossed Longevity Noodle ($14.80), Prosperity King Prawn Tossed Noodle ($13.80, available only at Centrepoint Outlet), Shiitake Mushroom and Fresh Prawn Wonton Noodle Soup ($7.90), Shiitake Mushroom and Fresh Prawn Wonton Tossed Noodle ($8.80) and Vegetables in Soup ($5.80).


We were there on a weekday evening for dinner and I must say that the restaurant is quite packed especially during dining hours. The restaurant is also quite small and could only house approximately less than 30 pax. Mak’s noodle is situated at the newer site of The Centrepoint. It is actually tucked at a corner beside Han’s restaurant.


That evening we tried the Prosperity King Prawn Noodle Tossed Noodle which comes with some special chili sauce and a hot piping bowl of soup. The King Prawns is very fresh and its meat is sweet but we find that the prawn probably has been left to cool for a long time. It would have been nicer if it is served warm together with the springy noodles that go well with the chili sauce. The warm soup was really tasty too!


We also ordered one of the side dishes, the beef brisket and beef tendon which is pretty good but it would have been better if you pair it with some rice or noodles because the braised sauce is very thick and savory.


Overall, we felt that the noodles were not too bad but the prices are a little on the steeper side especially for the small portion of noodles they are serving. And they mainly served tossed noodles, wonton soups, and beef dishes as side dishes.


The chefs here in the kitchen are from Hong Kong and they do put in a lot of effort to ensure that the noodles are as springy and good as the ones they served in Hong Kong.

I have not been to their outlet in Hong Kong. Have you tried it? What’s your take on Mak’s noodles?

Mak’s Noodle

176 Orchard Road

Centre Point


Singapore 238843

Tel” 62355778

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