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GUAVAPASS: Is it worth it?

  If you don’t like the idea of heading to the same gym for group workouts by the same instructors and prefer trying out a variety of workouts, then  GuavaPass might be something you are looking for. It’s a fitness pass that allows you to have to access a curated list of fitness studios in Singapore.…

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Wildlife Photography with Canon Singapore

  This Wildlife Photography outing with Julian is by far one of the most enriching and fruitful photography walk organised by Canon Singapore. The pool of instructors, who worked with Canon Singapore, are all really experienced. Even though it is just a photography outing to Singapore Zoological Gardens, it felt like a workshop to wildlife photography as Julian…

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Eco-friendly, Home Products

Save The Polar Bears with Bamboo Tissues

Whenever I shared my passion in eco-conscious living, the first question thrown right back at me was this – Do Singaporeans really care about the environment? You see, I am not too concern about the number of people who is into green living. What matters most is the number of changes I observed each day…

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Food, Vegetarian

The Vegan Thriller Burger

Any plans for the upcoming Halloween? For my vegan and non-vegan friends, there’s a little quiet place (eco-friendly too!) in Eunos where you can enjoy a spooky fun time. Let’s go plant-based for this spooktacular season with VeganBurg as they introduced their hauntingly delicious Thriller burger, Frizzy fries and Witch’s Kiwi Brew. The Thriller burger…

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Go Zero-waste with Miswak

Special thanks to Brush Your Teeth Bro for sending this box of Miswak sticks for me to try out! I thought bamboo toothbrushes were the most eco-friendly toothbrushes around but not until I get to know about these Miswak sticks are not only biodegradable but also contains minerals like fluorine which helps strengthen the teeth. The first…

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Events, Singapore

Singapore Science Centre : Is it Worth A Visit?

Now, when was the last time you’ve visited Singapore Science Centre? We would have been there at least once in our lifetime when we are still a kid in school. I remembered vividly about the chicken egg incubator where you could watch little chicks hatching out from the eggs! Fast forward to today, the Science Centre…

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Food, Japanese

Ninja Bowl : That Finest Bowl of…

  Thanks to my dear friend, I’ve got the opportunity to dine at Ninja Bowl as well as to try out their new seasonal menu. It was my second time here at Ninja Bowl and during my first visit here, I was pretty impressed with the food. But I have to say that the food…

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Beauty, Hair

The Minimalistic Haircut

I have been having really bad hair days for months and just a couple of days back, I decided that I should really head to a professional salon and get a proper haircut. My hairdo back then was out of shape and it was kind of difficult to manage my long frizzy and dry hair.…

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