Beauty, Spa

A Well-Deserved Massage Treatment

  The origin of massage therapy dated back over 5,000 years ago and this form of healing therapy has its roots in ancient China and Egypt. To others, getting a massage is like having a luxurious pampering time to oneself. But for me, I love massages for its health benefits. It’s one of the most…

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Food, Health

Traditional Remedy to ‘Cool’ The Body

Some of you might be new to this concept of ‘cooling water‘. It’s more than just a bottle of flavoured water formulated with deionised water and natural minerals of raw Gypsum Fibrosum and Calcium which supposedly help to dispel the heatiness in our body. In fact, cooling water by Three legs has often been used as…

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Events, Singapore, Travel

Experiencing Sentosa Through Skyline Luge Sentosa

I’ve come to Sentosa for the umpteenth time but not once have I tried Skyline Luge Sentosa which proves to be quite of an attraction among tourists here. We didn’t know what we were in for except that there are currently two new thriller tracks for riders to try. It was also raining that Saturday morning, but nothing…

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Chinese, Food

Let the Chinese New Year Feast Begins!

It is a good opportunity to meet and catch up over Chinese New Year goodies and countless CNY dinners. It can be quite a hassle to prepare meals yourself or to even book a table at your favourite Chinese restaurant during this peak period. Why not order buffet catering where you can enjoy your meals at the comfort of your home or someone else’s house? You can find a whole list of Chinese New Year Catering 2018 menus on Singapore’s trusted catering food portal, Foodline.

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Food, Singaporean

Go Cashless at Singapore’s Hawker Centres

Our Hawker culture has come a long way. Hawker centres here in Singapore are like food courts without air-conditioned, and they are usually run by locals who have inherited their businesses from their parents, generations after generations. As a kid, I grew up eating hawker food, and my Dad would always hunt for the best…

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Go Bohemian

I’ve always had a thing for Bohemian and hippie-style of look. Somehow it makes you look more down to earth, friendly and outstanding at the same time. It reflects that alternative lifestyle and thinking which I had towards most things in life. But at the same time, I was slowly beginning to declutter my wardrobe,…

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Chinese, Food

Myo Restobar : Affordable Dim Sum Delights at CBD Area

As Singapore’s temperatures drop to an all-time low, I’m starting to crave for warm Chinese food. One of the new kid on the block in our local Chinese restaurant scene is Myo Restobar, a modern restaurant-cum-bar that serves traditional Cantonese dishes alongside classic dim sum made with an innovative twist, in a contemporary industrial setting. It…

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Hotels, Singapore, Travel

Hostels in Singapore: 5footway.inn Project Ann Siang

From a traveller’s perspective, Singapore is one of the most travel-friendly destinations in Asia. From budget hostels to luxury hotels, you can easily find a suitable accommodation that fits your budget. You can find hostels and hotels in almost every town or precinct in Singapore, but most of them are relatively quite good for the price you are paying. And I enjoy doing staycations at our local hostels and hotels to see how they fare with the accommodation offered in other countries.

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Food, Japanese

A Magical Dinner at Lewin Terrace

  Many fine dining restaurants in Singapore offer diners with great ambience and exquisite food paired with good wines or champagnes. Though I’m not a food connoisseur by profession, I could tell the difference between deliciously-made food and grandiosely-prepared food. There’s this fine line between both standards of food. The latter is not only appetizing,…

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Fitness, Gym

Hybrid Training @ Higher Ground Fitness

With more boutique gyms and fitness centres entering the neighbourhood zones, it is so much more convenient for any heart-landers to train and exercise regularly. Such gyms offer small group exercise classes in a cosy environment as such you’ll receive more attention from the gym instructor or trainer as compared to those large commercial gyms. Higher…

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