“No, it isn’t Denise. It’s Deenise with an extra “E” in it.”

My First Blog Post

Icebreakers can be a lot of fun especially when you haven’t met that person before; hence they provide the opportunity for you to know more about other people in the group by shooting interesting questions and getting asked questions back.

In the midst of these continuous fast-paced exchanges, we were also asked to match our classmates’ names with the statements listed on the piece of paper. The statements are information about the classmates that we have yet to ask.

In the end, I only managed to fill up 7 out of 10 blanks. Since I could not complete all the blanks, I have decided to answer those statements. 🙂

10 Things About Myself

1) Have you travelled to North America and Europe before?

Yes! I have been to Toronto, Paris and Vienna. J’adore Paris!

2) Are you familiar with blogging?

Not really. Even if I do write a blog, I will not publish my blog entries online. I have to admit that I hate to write because I can’t write very well. By the way, how do you add a music file to blogger?

3) Do you like sports?

I do not have a liking for sports, but I still do some exercises like swimming and jogging.You need to exercise to improve blood circulation so that your skin looks radiant.In school, you exercise your mind. After school, you certainly need to exercise your body.

4) Are you planning to pursue graduate studies?

If an institution is willing to fund my studies, I may consider furthering my studies in cosmetic science.

5) Can you explain what non-verbal communication is?

In my opinion, it simply means communicating with someone without having to strike your vocal chords. In other words, it means communicating through body language or sign language. Objects, pictures and sounds are all communication aids which could help us to communicate more efficiently.Imagine you could not speak and you could do to relay your message through body gestures, hand signals or props.

6) Are you born in Singapore?


7) Do you have a fascinating hobby?

I am always finding ways and opportunities to hop out of Singapore. On weekends, I like to spend my time watching French movies, American Chick flicks and  Michelle Phan’s Youtube videos online. Do you consider that as a hobby?

8) Have you recently did a part-time job?

I give tuition during my free time. The money earned is used to fund my travels.

9) Do you enjoy reading?

Yes!!! I do. In fact, I am engrossed in reading fashion magazines like “Seventeen”, “Teen Vogue”, “Self” and books by Paulo Coelho. In addition, I am into any books about French culture and travelling. Currently, I am reading “Mr.Monk is miserable” by Lee Goldberg right now. The story is incredibly hilarious!

10) Are you skilled at social networking?

I wouldn’t say yes. If one could categorise social networking skills into various levels, I would belong to the beginner’s level.

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