Daddy, I wanna be a lighthouse keeper

I brushed off the thick layer of dust found in my little pink diary which I had it since I was nine years old.

On the first page, I wrote:

When I grow up ……..
1) I want to be a lighthouse keeper.
2) I want mummy to buy me all the Barbie dolls in this world.
3) I want to be a fashion designer.
4) I want to be a rockstar like Britney Spears.
5) I want to marry Ben Adams from the British boyband A1 (*blush*)

A decade later, my teachers and friends were asking me: ” What do you want to be?”

I wrote out a list of things I want to achieve on a piece of paper.

1) Create a fashion brand and name it “Glitz.”
2) Work as a perfumer in the lavender fields in Grasse
3) Explore the less travelled places
4) Celebrate a white Christmas every year with hot chocolate, apples and cinnamon
5) Create a football team.Think babies.

What a significant evolutionary change!

It is not that difficult to understand why the author Collingwood believes that there is no “real” or single and central authentic self that you are always right too, isn’t it?

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