Position Application Letter:Draft 1

*Note: I have changed the sender’s details as I do not want to disclose my contact details online.


Blk 99 Balloon Drive
Singapore 987654
+65-9111 111

2 February 2010

L’Oreal Singapore Pte Ltd
3 Killiney Road #09-01/06
Winsland House 1
Singapore 239519

Table of Contents

Dear Sir/Madam

L’Oreal Internship Application

I am a Year 3 Life Science undergraduate from the National University of Singapore who has a great interest in beauty and cosmetics. I learned about the internship offer for Singapore undergraduates from the L’Oreal Singapore website, and I would like to express my interest in working in L’Oreal.
L’Oreal is an international organisation that values creativity, entrepreneurship and diversity in the workplace. As a teacher and facilitator, I would often have to plan my lessons and activities innovatively to capture the attention of the young minds. Furthermore, it serves as a platform for me to exercise effective communication and leadership skills. At Citibank, I gain the opportunity to enhance my interpersonal skills when I interact with CitiBank customers across different social and cultural background. Lastly, my previous job experiences have also taught me that passion and enthusiasm are essential as it would help one to attain better job satisfaction.
I believe that my previous work experiences have equipped me with the necessary skills to work with L’Oreal. I am also eager to learn and gain experiences which would enable me to help your company to achieve its goals. I hope that from my knowledge in Biomedical Sciences would provide innovative and refreshing ideas to your company’s projects and proposals. Working with the L’Oreal team against an intercultural backdrop would benefit both the company and the employees. The high level of cultural diversity is indeed very appealing.
I would be honoured to work as an intern in your company if this opportunity is given. Gaining a valuable internship experience at L’Oreal would enable to work with the L’Oreal family after my graduation.
Thank you for considering my internship application. I look forward to your reply.

Yours Sincerely

Deenise Yang


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