Position Application Letter:Draft 2

L’Oréal Internship

Weaving beauty into our everyday lives.
That is what I live for.
Not work for.

It has always been my dream to work at L’Oréal. Though I haven’t really got a chance to do so, maybe we’ll crossed paths in future.

Learning how to add some “magic” into your job application letter is a skill that I really want to learn. Will you teach me some “magic”?

My Job Application Letter

Blk 99 Balloon Drive
Singapore 987654
+65-9111 111

2 February 2010

L’Oreal Singapore Pte Ltd
3 Killiney Road #09-01/06
Winsland House 1
Singapore 239519

Dear Human Resource Team

                                 L’Oréal Internship Application

I am a Year 3 Life Science undergraduate from the National University of Singapore who has a great interest in beauty and cosmetics. I learnt about the internship offer from the L’Oréal Singapore website and I am interested to be part of the L’Oréal team.

As I have a passion for performing arts, I took part in extra-curricular activities which could help me showcase my talent. I was an active choir sectional leader and a secretary of NUS CAC Voices club. Both committee positions have given me the opportunity to perform at concerts and to organise and conduct vocal projection and stage performance courses to students. My previous job experience at Zenitant and CitiBank has equipped me with communication and teambuilding skills. Working as a customer service officer in CitiBank had given an opportunity to interact with people working in the business and banking industry. These work experiences have boosted my confidence level in dealing with demanding and challenging tasks.

These leadership skills and teaching experiences which I had acquired were useful as I am able to contribute to the society by helping the less privileged. In 2002, I was part of a school community involvement project, teaching English to children living in poor villages in Bintan, Indonesia.When I travel overseas, I will try to include volunteering work as part of my travel itinerary. Last December, I volunteered to tuition children at a community centre of a poor suburb in Manila, Philippines.

 L’Oréal is an international organization that values creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and diversity in the workplace. I believe that the skills and knowledge gained from in my previous extra-curricular activities and work experiences will enable me to help contribute to your company. I hope that my proficiency in Vietnamese and French would help me immerse into L’Oréal’s culturally diversified workplace. My knowledge in Biomedical Sciences will provide innovative and refreshing ideas to your company’s projects.My hunger for knowledge drives me to acquire skills and experiences which are valuable tools in life.Lastly, I hope my passion in beauty and cosmetic science and my eagerness to learn will help translate L’Oreal’s dreams and goals into reality.

Thank you for considering my internship application. I look forward to your reply.

Yours Sincerely

Deenise Glitz

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