Proposal Draft 1: Summary, Problem and Purpose Statement

Executive Summary

The objective of this proposal is to convince NUSEU to allow us to perform further research on the communications needs and analysis of the law industry so as to propose recommended changes to improve the current law curriculum.

In this proposal, we highlighted the need for NUS to pay greater attention to address the communication needs of the industry.

My Proposal

As NUS is currently working towards to be a first-class university globally, there is a dire need to improve its law curriculum by implementing new communication courses in light of an increasing focus on effective communication skills in the various industries.

This could benefit NUS law students by increasing their competency in the law industry. Thus, it is necessary for NUS to implement communication courses or workshops and provide more opportunities for students to practise and learn effective communication skills.


To further substantiate our findings, we carried out surveys for current and past NUS Law students respectively.

The purpose of the survey is to identify which communication skills are vital in the law industry. In addition to the surveys, we also conduct interviews with NUS professors and NUS Law student body.

From our consolidated data, we propose to NUSEU on the various recommendations to further improve the current curriculum. We hope that through this proposal, it will initiate further research to verify whether necessary changes should be made to the current NUS law curriculum.

More importantly, our proposed research will essentially provide greater benefits to our society and NUS.

Problem Statement

Based on the current law education offered by NUS Law Faculty, it appears that there is a lack of emphasis on the aspect of communication skills, given the absence of communication modules or programmes.

According to an interview with an NUS Law undergraduate, the only means of students to acquire communication skills is through internships and student exchange programmes. However, do these current curriculum and programmes offered by NUS law are effective in equipping students with the necessary communication skills?

Hence, the objective of this study is to identify the relevant communication skills required in future law graduates and to provide recommendations on improving the communication skills of NUS law students.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of this proposal is to convince NUSEU to enable us to perform further research on the communication needs of the law industry so as to seek ways to improve the current curriculum.

In order for future law graduates to remain effectively competent in the law industry, it is necessary for NUS to equip its students with effective communication skills that are highly valued in the law industry. 

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