A magical carpet ride with Kungfu Panda

In two weeks time, I will be able to emerge from this dark hole, stepping out into the grass fields to enjoy the sun and the breeze which could lift anyone’s spirit up.

Once again, I will be able to venture out into my travel playground, sniffing out for great places to visit and great gourmet to tingle my tastebuds. As my countdown timer ticks away and edging closer summer vacation, the beat of my heart starts to sound like a joyous melody.

Travelling to Shanghai

This time is a bigger playing field. It is a rare opportunity for someone to be in a place with some 100 over countries gathering together showcasing their rich culture and history in one big city: Shanghai.

By luck or by fate, I was given the opportunity to join a group of NUS physics students to China’s largest city, adding on the list of visitors who will be visiting the Shanghai World Expo. If not for Professor Liu’s phone call, my place would probably be taken up by any of the 50 applicants. I do not know Professor Liu personally but I am truly grateful that he read my application form and stamped the words “You’ve been selected” across my paper.

Shanghai World Expo 2010

After reading an article about the Shanghai World Expo 2010 on TODAY, I got even more excited. Here are the lists of the Expo highlights which could probably lure travellers.

1)  Swiss Pavillion : 4-minute chairlift ride above a rooftop alpine meadow.

Switzerland! Here I come!

2)  United Arab Emirates : Sand dune-shaped pavillion

Aladdin! My handsome disney prince. I wish I could buy one of those magic lamps back to Singapore.

3)  Singapore : A musical box

Is this musical box going to play  “Majullah Singapura” ?

4)  10 roly-poly baby pandas flown in from Western China.

2 Weeks at Shanghai is all I need to learn how to be a true Kungfu panda.

The flying carpet unravels it, taking me on an enchanting and magical carpet ride.


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