How could you graduate from this class without…


Clearly, I am missing each of them. Life back then in university was so fun.

Vanessa ( Miss. Invisible Sporty )

A sportive runner who runs so fast that no one can catch her for a chat. Vanessa, let us hear your beautiful voice again! We miss you!

Stephanie ( Kuching Meow-ow)

Nice and down-to-earth girl whom I love Meowing with.

Valarie ( Miss.Watch-your-foot!)

After Soon Yee had drilled Valarie with several tough questions during the mock interview, Valarie ganged up with a few classmates to fire back tough questions at Soon Yee for the mock interview. Was it a sweet revenge?

Try stepping on her toes and she will whip out a chopper.

Soon Yee ( Mr.Soonyeeaporean )

A man who deserves a gold medal for embracing Singlish. Who else is a true Soonyeeaporean?

I wonder whether he is still mad at me for ruining his photo with a nice cute brown moustache.

Brad: The bar has been raised…
Soon Yee: Let’s dance under the bar. Woo!

See Chai ( Uncle ah Chai -cum-Engineer)

A friendly and romantic uncle who presented us with deliciously-creamy chocolate cake from TCC (which melts in your mouth), along with 2 bottles of champagne. Thank goodness he did not purchase a cake decorated with screwdrivers, nails, wires and circuit board.

Kellyn ( Disney Princess )

So,I am not the only NUS undergraduate who still watches Disney Channel. I found another Disney Channel fan!

Doesn’t this girl looks like Minnie ? Has she found her Mickey yet?

Shih Han ( Shopping Queen)

A true taiwanese girl who is proud of her recent buys.

Shih Han: Yay! I just bought a new dress today.

Ranmali ( Miss Small-AND-cute )

Ranmali :Deenise, why you keep sending emails to my NUS account?”
Deenise: ” How could it be? But I did not send you emails through NUS Wiki. There is something wrong with NUS wiki?”
Ranmali : ” You see! 10 emails from you!”

I could not stop laughing after that…

During Q&A session for project oral presentation…

Ranmali: Pssst, Deenise. Can you give me a question to ask the Gardens of Eden team?

So cute, right? If you are going back to Oman, can you pack me into your suitcase?

Ye Thu Win ( Meditation Master)

You are YE THU WIN who is always here to win . How do you say Hello in Burmese again? Minh Lar-vah ?

Ye Thu Win: I am not Thu Win. Neither I am called Thu or Win. I am Ye Thu Win.

Will you be my burmese tour guide?

Say “Yeah! To win!”

Geraldine ( Miss. Hear-Me-ROARrrr)

A lady who blew everyone away with a nice,clear, loud voice like Whitney Houston.

During class discussions,
Brad: ” Please choose someone from your team to present….”

She always remains our first choice for presentation. Best presenter and speaker in our class.

Iris ( Miss Mummy Nokia E72 )

A girl who can’t live without her E72, even during presentations. A nice mummy who helped us slice the cake.

Lin Hui ( Surfer Babe )

Always looking cool and chic in her surfer shorts…..

When Brad was wondering what wakeboarding is all about,
Lin Hui : Huh? You don’t know what wakeboarding is?

Tiffany ( Miss. Little Cupcake )

Miss. Little Cupcake usually says :” You get it?”

Brad  ( Communication Ninja)

A ninja who tried so hard to karate chop the bottle of champagne. When he did the “flattery” hand action, I almost thought he was going to flatten us.

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