Creating creativity

So, one of my classmates, Geraldine asked,” What is creativity? What defines creativity?”

This question really hit me.

To me, creativity only narrows down to one word, ‘unique’. If so, what is the definition of creative?

I was listening to a podcast about a lecture on jazz music. According to this lecturer, who is also a well know jazz musician, explained that he cannot really define what jazz is because this genre of music is always changing. Even after writing numerous articles about jazz music, he just can’t seem to define jazz in one sentence. Is ‘creative’ another word which is so hard to define by others?

I can’t really tell you what creativity is but I know creativity can be subjective. For instance, you could be incorporating many creative ideas into your project but it was not well-received by others. Some may even say that your project ideas were “overly creative”. On the other hand, some felt that your project was unique and interesting.

During competitions, judges often look out for the “X-factor” in contestants, quoting that the X-factor is a quality that makes the contestant stand out from the crowd. However, outstanding contestants who dodged into the audition room in their Superman or gothic outfits and performs songs in their own rendition, do not often receive an unanimously nod from the judges. Is that unique or simply just strange?

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