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Pretty Parisien

Paris deeniseglitz eiffel tower

I used to be fascinated by the beautiful pictures of Paris splattering around magazines, newspapers and websites. Pretty streets. Class and dainty houses. Charming shophouses. And “pretty” is the word I would use in order to sum up this city of lights which dazzled millions of people around the world.

The Real Paris

Underneath this pretty picture of Paris is a place stuffed with cafes, pubs and restaurants which reeked of cigarettes smoked by thousands of immigrants from countries across the five continents. In comparison with the Paris I last saw two years ago, there are definitely more foreigners flooding into Paris. Ten years later, the ancient buildings like the Louvre museum with marvellous European-styled architecture remain along with the famous landmarks in Paris. There could be something missing. A gap. Could there be an emptiness in the Parisien way of living? Do Parisiens share the same sentiments?

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