A Skydive of a Life-time

“Would like to go skydiving with us?” She was equipped with her parachut and safety gear, getting all prep up to perform an acrobatic free-fall.


“Why not?”

“Not now. Just don’t feel like it. You know?”

“Why wait? Aren’t you on the same plane with us right now?”  She smiles at me and tossed herself into the big blue sky.

Why wait?

I stayed on for another semester

I had spent 3 months during Summer to figure out where I should set my next stepping stone. There were 2 Ps in my head: Passion or practical? Follow your heart or stay on the pathway which the society deemed as “safe”. To the left or to the right? If I had placed the stone about 2 metres away from me, will I able to reach plant my feet steadily on that piece of stone?

During the last 3 months, I travelled and roamed about the bustling streets of Paris, Montpellier and London by foot. Shrouded by the thick cloud of cigarette smoke, I often had to gallop through the winding and narrow streets so that I could capture fresh Parisian air. Prancing along Champs-Elysees like a ballet dancer to avoid soaking my shoes into “cacas de chien” ( dog’s poo) which are randomly scattered all over the streets of Paris and Montpellier.

I had stepped on cobbled side-walks and had crossed many paths and lives of others. And as I create footprints on the pavements, I was wondering exactly where I start paving ways with precious stones in my life. After my Parisian dream has ended, I was still adjusting and examining the stones scattered right before me.

9.00 am: Back to reality. I am performing cell culture in my over-sized lab coat. The cells are dividing really well today.

6.45 pm: Are the bacteria cells floating right before my eyes? Oh, why am I still here?

It was really time that I plucked out the unwanted stones, trimmed off the weeds and leave this place before the bacteria starts to engulf me.

My life jacket was off.

My lab coat was off.

That marks the end of my quest for knowledge in Life Sciences.

“All the sudden, there was another door which had swung wide open, leaking out beams of light from the other side of the world. I inched forward and took a quick peek. And there, I saw nothing else but the big blue sky. My heart was racing as I took the plunge and went for the skydive.”

So,why wait?

The stone was now placed exactly where I had always wanted it to be.

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