Un été, je n’oublierai pas

Un été, je n’oublierai pas
The greatest love tower of all time.

Best 10 Photographs shown below
Will provide my personal insights to this trip.
…. …. ….

Paris, Je t’aime.Pour ton âme.
Paris,France : Underneath it all are hush murmurings and sweet kisses.
A puff of parfum can make my senses go wild.
I eat. I drink. I watch.
For once, he appeared to be faceless on the streets of Paris.
Sacre coeur at Montmatre:Sacrifice my heart,my soul.
Bath,UK: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Soak yourself in their green bath.
Bristol,UK : Farmer’s market sells everything fresh except cheese.
London, UK : Quel beaux cheval! That horse is such a beauty.Look at how its fur glisten under the sun.
Kick or bite me and I will thank your horses for it.
Montpellier,France : The U-shaped door.
The Framboises that oozes out.
Tapenade-spread that contains tons of black olives.
The mediterranean lifestyle which fishes are in style.
Marseille,France : Amazing colours that go beyond belief.

Photographs taken and edited by Deenise 

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