Career chips (Bite-size)

These days I’ve been reading some online articles on career skills, engaging in heated conversation with my local university mates about employment and reflecting about life. I shall share some of highly useful points about career development in “bite-sizes”.

1) Employers want an upsized McDonald Happy value meal or a National day fun pack.

After they ripped off the brown package, imagine the look of joy on their face if your career portfolio comes with ‘a pack of goodies’.

“Wow, this guy not only has a degree in business administration but he’s also equipped with IT, programming, strategic planning and logistics skills.”

They rummaged through the package and were even more surprised to see ‘a bunch of other goodies’.

“Guess what? He can also speak in 8 different languages! He’s a world-record breaker for the world’s fastest typist and an international Barista!

Are you hiring an intern or a barista?

2)  My employee is a psychic. She knows when the share prices are going up or down.

According to an online article on Yahoo!Finance, employers nowadays value tacit skills in their employees. Tacit skills are intangible qualities such as informed intuition, the judgement under stress or work pressure and problem-solving skills. Such skills are accrued with experience in work and human relations. Final year projects and project assignments are usually structured in a way to simulate the real working world. Instead of shunning away from modules with group projects in school, you should rise up the challenge and pluck up the courage to deal with group work-related issues.

” Our company cannot survive without our meteorologist, Alice. She could even predict when the sky will be raining money into our department.”

3) Have a broad vision. Have wide compound eyes of a housefly.

It does not mean that a bachelor in Chemical Engineering or Mathematics could only get you landed on jobs which are closely related to the field you are specialized in. If you could focus on your acquired skills and explore whether these skills can be applied to other fields, it can get you very far ahead in your career life. It is also crucial to keep an open mind to all types of jobs. Though you may be only a store assistant at IKEA, you are able to learn about the work operations and management system and other job insights if you are one curious and lucky employer. You might be also able to discover how Ingvar Kamprad (who owns IKEA) tops the list for the world’s richest man.

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