Soul Talk

Learning Vietnamese could change your life.


– Being truly Singaporean
– Engross in reading Science and Maths textbooks
– Suffering from travel and motion sickness
– Enjoy being trapped in a tiny shell of the snail
– Had never thought of working or living abroad
– Living in a small,small world
– Dreamt of being a biologist
– Being whacked by people who thought less of you


– Met a bunch of nice Vietnamese people
– Crazy about trying to speak in a different tongue
– Loving the comfort of the cushioned seats in air planes
– Fall in love with the country that colonised Vietnam
– Became a self-proclaimed coffee and tea drinker
– Heard the whispers of the trees and flowers about beauty,nature and life
– Obsessed with photography
– Learnt how to appreciate love.
– Feeling unashamed to do show what you love infront of a massive crowd

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I'm a digital content writer from Singapore who started blogging ten years ago as a hobby and won't stop till Jesus returns. Yoga and green smoothies keep me going.

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