Breakfast Recipe #1: Apple Cinnamon Toast

I love breakfast. A beautiful day starts with a warm and hearty breakfast with loads of grains,oats, and yogurt. The best breakfast I had was in Grenoble, a town near Lyon in France. It was one of those small and old French-styled cafe, furnished with sturdy wooden tables and chairs.

On the breakfast table, there were cleared glass jars filled with delicious home-made raspberry and apricot jam. Along those bottle of jams, there are jars which were filled with sp├ęculoos ( which looked somewhat like peanut butter). Sp├ęculoos is a shortcrust biscuit which has a heavy cinnamon taste. Don’t you love the taste and smell of cinnamon? It always reminds me of Christmas and ginger biscuits. Cinnamon goes really well with apples or cheese. It’s a perfect heavenly match!

It was summer when I frequented that particular cafe. There is a lovely warm glow when the sunbeams shone, though.I thought it would be nice if I ordered breakfast set which consists of crunchy granola with plain yogurt, served with hot cocoa and a glass of apple juice.

It was simply one of the best french experience I had. Soaking in the warm atmosphere and enjoying breakfast with my two travel mates. Outside the cafe, there stood a girl singing “somewhere over the rainbow” while strumming a ukulele.

Back in Singapore, I had a difficult time trying to prepare a hearty breakfast for myself. Walnuts, granola, and berries are too expensive. Freshly-baked cereal grain, dark rye or farmer’s bread are slightly more expensive here in Singapore.Nevertheless, I still insist on having a hearty meal in Singapore. In fact, I have decided to create a series of breakfast recipes which uses ingredients that were sold in Singapore.

Here’s my first breakfast formula:

Waking up to a brand new day
With a nice warm breakfast prepared for you
Warm slice of apples with a dash of cinnamon powder over  small fire
Top off with some raisins and walnuts
Served on freshly-baked and slightly toasted dark rye bread
Breakfast is never complete with a glass of cold plain yogurt drink. 

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