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Breakfast Recipe #2: Cheesy Cinnamon Croissant

Cheesy Cinnamon Croissant recipe deeniseglitz

Croissant goes well anything buttery and cheesy! This is a favourite breakfast recipe of mine which comprises only a few easy ingredients. You will need store-bought croissants, cream cheese, cinnamon, milk and some brown sugar.

Cheesy Cinnamon Croissant Recipe

Cheesy Cinnamon Croissant recipe deeniseglitz


1 bowl

1 tablespoon


2 ready-baked croissants

Cream Cheese

Fresh milk

Cinnamon powder

Cheese slices


  1. Toss a chunk of Philadelphia cream cheese into a bowl
  2. Mix a spoonful of fresh milk
  3. Throw in a teaspoon of cinnamon powder
  4. And a teaspoon of brown sugar ( cinnamon sugar)
  5. Mix to form cinnamon cream cheese
  6. Cut thin strips of cheese ( from square cheese slices)
  7. Lay them over thinly-crisp croissants
  8. Drizzle the cinnamon cream cheese over the croissants.
Cheesy Cinnamon Croissant recipe deeniseglitz

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