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” Don’t expect students to do summaries anymore. Welcome to the twitter age. Encourage your students to tweet a sticky phrase.”- Deenise

Here is what I would tweet about : In two hours, I learn two valuable lessons about how to make your brain shake.

Ideas Generation Workshop organised by Meltwater Group Date : 30th Oct 2010

1) Shut the mouth that speaks of negativity

More than often, during group discussion, when someone suggest a idea, we think of the risks and the negative effects involved. Instead, we should not be put off by the negativity of the ideas. Instead, we think of how to modify the ideas and to further improve on the idea. I have attended group discussions where one og the group member would say , ” I don’t think this idea is going to work because… … ” Focusing on the negativity is not going to fuel your brain to think freely.

2) Toss a slice of lemon into your glass full of brain juice

During the brainstorming exercise, we were asked to write our ideas on yellow post-its and stuck them onto the big whiteboard. Next, we have to narrow down to a single problem which seems the most annoying to us. As a team, we have to find a solution to address this problem. To aid our brainstorming process, we were told to practise the picture stimulation technique. Two photos were given to us. Everyone interprets the photo differently as we see things from different angles. It’s amazing how we can pair two things which are totally unrelated to each other. It’s like adding lemon with honey. That’s how you get a refreshing drink.

A refreshing idea.

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