Should Google Hire Me ? or Harold Crick?

He planted another bomb under our feet last week. It was titled: ” Should Google hire Harold Crick? “. 

To avoid hearing the sizzling sound from the burning of the bomb fuse, I have yet again to submit a short write-up about Google and Harold. And why are we, students, risking our lives and running across a bomb field?


WHO is Harold Crick ?

He is a fictional character from the movie, ‘Stranger than Fiction’. A high-conscientious and well-organised worker who lives in a world full of digits. He functions no differently from a computer manufactured in Silicon Valley.

Googling Harold

Here’s my write-up for this last week.

Google might not want to consider hiring Harold. In fact, most companies would be hesitant about recruiting such a highly conscientious and stoical worker who functions methodically and whose life can be measured precisely by the ticks of the watch.

If he had taken the big 5 personality test, he will be rated highly on the scale for conscientiousness. His monotonous lifestyle somehow does not match with Google’s corporate culture.

What Google Stands for

Google is a large international corporation who embodies that “work challenges should be fun” and “you can be serious without a suit” (Google, 2010). As such, Google is most probably searching for individuals who scored higher under the categories of openness, agreeableness and extraversion for the personality test.

Harold was also perceived to be someone who is rather inflexible as he always goes by the rules. He might be at lost if his life was interrupted. With his sedentary and inactive social lifestyle, where could he seek for inspirations and ideas? 

There are perks in hiring Harold

Harold seems to function somewhat like a machine that is highly efficient. He does have some good qualities which companies might find it quite attractive. For instance, he is meticulous, intelligent, well-organized, highly systematic and punctual. He could even calculate as fast as a computer. Google might not hire him as a creative director or software engineer but Google might want to consider assigning him to routine jobs which has a highly specific and fix task such as data-entry work. Harold might be able to perform well at such routine jobs.

However, will he be able to adapt to Google’s culture? Based on his personality, he might not even attempt to adapt to Google’s culture. He would prefer counting the number of steps he had to take and go to bed exactly at 11.13 pm.

If Google is not hiring Harold, should Google hire ME instead?

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