Will Tiger’s First Band-Aid heal the wound?

Did Tiger use the right band-aid?

No, Tiger did not use the right band-aid to mend the wound he inflicted upon his people around him. He has a band-aid in his hands but he has placed on the wrong site of infliction. The public apology by Tiger came across to me as insincere and unapologetic especially when he tries to justify for this actions at the start of his speech. He seems like he was merely just reading off his prepared speech. In his speech, he acknowledge that he was guilty but he sounded as if he was innocent when he said he was entitled to enjoy the desires in life. However, to use the right band-aid, the trustee needs to acknowledge that he is guilty. Although he attributed this guiltiness to himself, he did not sound very convincing when he read his speech with a faceless expression. 
His public speech was overall lack of sincerity but his following actions to repent himself seem to “repair” the trust build between him and his business sponsors. His endorsement companies like Nike, Tag Heuer and Gillette did not withdrew their support and in fact, had decide to have Tiger to be still part of their marketing efforts. Thee reason why corporations gave Tiger a second chance was not because they trusted that he would learn from his mistakes. These brands are still working with Tiger because he is, after all, still a public figure. These brands supported him but I am not too sure whether Tiger Fan’s and close relatives would do the same.
Several other celebrities who are under the limelight due to their negative publicity such as engagement with extramarital affairs and taking drugs have somehow rebound manage to rebound back to the media scene, with fewer rumors and negative comments circulating. The truth is trust, can be repaired over time provided that the trustee does not repeat his/her mistakes or episodes of mistrust like Lindsay Lohan. What Tiger should no right now is to disappear away from the media scene to refrain himself to be under the media’s scrutiny.

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