Dear Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren,

When I was young, I was just like you, little fellas. You could say, I was pretty much like that one tiny rice grain in your bowl of cooked rice which you had for dinner everyday. No whiter,softer, chewier or fluffier than other rice grains in that bowl of brimming full of rice.

But, somehow, I knew I wasn’t just a single tiny grain of rice. There was… like….like this voice within me, urging me to step out into this unfathomable world…to tell amazing stories…

I couldn’t believe that I started my chapter in life as a storyteller.

I played with the instruments of storytelling. There wasn’t just a swirl of words twirling around the huge hot pot of magic potion. The stories were not told, but were sung out.

This isn’t magic, my grandchildren, I have to cross many challenging paths, passed groups of people who gave scornful looks as I sang each and every word with a stomach full of butterflies.

But my fears were pushed aside as I grew stronger each day. I wouldn’t have imagine myself unfolding a story to people whom I’ve never met before.

My dear grandchildren, I hope the legacy I left behind…on YouTube…will remind each and every one of you to chase after the wildest dream in your life.

Your Granny,


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