Will I Ever See You Again?

Will I Ever See You Again?
Will I ever get to see her again?

An innocent smile and bewildered eyes
That was just an glimpse of her life in my eyes.
We were both drawn apart by sand and water,
We were breed from different zones,different world
Yet I saw a part of myself in her
I saw a glimpse of my life which was reflected through her eyes.
But we both lead different pathways.
The light flickers
The camera clicks.
All that was left was her smile
That radiate through the lens
Her toothless smile stays and 
Her story grows and spreads through the wires.
I took a few steps back and wave goodbye
Am I just a remnant of her memory or
Her source of light that brightens up her soul?
  When she waves and smiles back
All I could I see was that little twinkle in her eyes.

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