FreshLook Daily Colour Contact Lens: Parisien Eyes

Fresh Look Daily Colour Contact Lens

Beautify your eyes with FreshLook coloured contact lens and eye make up from The MakeUp Store to get a golden chance to win a pair of tickets to PARIS?

I am so not going to miss this opportunity! I was jumping for joy when I found out that Esther and I were selected for this challenge.

We were asked to make a trip down to Paris Miki for a thorough eye check-up and contact lenses fitting.

Both of us chose three pairs of FreshLook’s Daily Colour contacts of three different colours ( Blue, Grey and Hazel).

With Hazel Daily Colour Contact Lens

Fresh Look Daily Colour Contact Lens

I had blue eye contact lenses on. Okay, it isn’t that scary! I don’t look like a blue-eyed alien. In fact, my eyes look more sparkly with these lenses. Those glitter eyeliner from The MakeUp store does some magic to my eyes too.

It doesn’t look blue on me? Does it?

Fresh Look Daily Colour Contact Lens

Tadaa! My partner for the FreshLook Eye for Beauty Challenge. She had hazel contact lenses on. She looks like she has the eyes of an eagle. Too fierce! Even our optician at Paris Miki thought the same way too…

Paris, here we come!

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