Mr.HR, Would you like to purchase me?

What’s wrong with doing sales? Do people have to associate aggressive selling with sales all the time? Sales is fun! Look,selling is part of human nature and Eric Cheong,Sales and Marketing director of Buzan Centre Asia can second that.I found myself nodding in approval to every sentence he had wrote in his article which was published in The Singapore Marketer Magazine. Sales involves almost everything.No, sales invovle practically everything!You see, I can’t help but to notice that doing sales is strikingly similar to clinching a job in a company. Let me illustrate this with an example.

During a  job interview, you become the fish while the HR manager takes on a role of fish buyer. Let the fishy business begins.

#1: “We want to sell ourselves, sell a good impression of ourselves.”
Imagine yourself as a little giftbox. What you are wearing becomes the nice gift wrap of the box. Your resume is that cute little card that goes along with the gift box. Ribbons, anyone? Let your fishy scales shine and glisten under the sunlight.

#2: “A sale takes place when the sales person and the potential customer share a common ‘future picture’ and the product or service offered matched that ‘future picture’.”

Your employer will hire you if you fit the bill and he/she can imagine you swivelling in that office chair in the company. In other words,the company thinks you could blend very well with their white-washed office walls, camouflaged yourself with their office settings. It would be good if you have fish scales that matches to the colour of their company logo.

#3: “Selling is a brain-to-brain transfer of information.”

Selling involves the left and the right brain. Everyone knows that the left brain is engaged with analytical thinking and logic and the right brain, creativity and intuition. During job interviews, you need to know how to twitch both sides of your employer’s brain. To engage the left brain, you have to toss out every fact about yourself,e.g how many fish tournaments you’ve won and your qualifications in the underwater world. To engage the right brain, boast about resilient you are when you are on land,how you battle out with a competitor or when you met a predator with huge fangs.

During a job interview, if an employer asked,”There are so many fishes swimming out in the sea, why do I particularly have to choose you?”  If I were you, I would say:”Because I’m the only goldfish who lives in the sea.”

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