Squeaky Clean Pores

Today my face was soaked under the sunlight and warmth from the country where beauty blooms everywhere, from its romantic countryside to its people and fashion. My skin was clearer and fresher than before, with cleaner pores. The little pores on my face were finally taking in some fresh air after being clogged up with oil and dirt for the past couple of years.

My Unhealthy-looking Skin

I have to admit that my unhealthy-looking skin is in a state of an emergency. But, where to dial 911? Local beauty forums.

Based on the reviews and recommendations in Flowerpod, I went to try out a home-based facial salon in the small and quaint neighbourhood in Singapore.

In the small workroom at the back of the flat, the skin therapist, Jen, starts to examine and analyse my skin type.

I didn’t know I have sensitive skin! She offers a wide range of facial treatment packages and I was totally bogged down by so many choices. In the end, I chose the basic facial that was crowned with the name, “France facial”. That’s a really creative marketing strategy to name the facial based on the products imported from.

France Facial Spa Experience

The France facial spa experience started off with pore extractions, using steam to gently pry open the doors of my pore and stinging needles to extract the white and blackheads.

For the glory of achieving glowy and polished skin, I knew it was all worth the pain. Nothing’s worse than labour pain, right? (Why women have to go through so much pain?)

After gritting my teeth in pain for 20 minutes, my skin undergoes a cold treatment with collage serum and I could feel my pores tightening.

The hydrating mask comes next where I can feel my pores soaking in all the moisture from the mask. The pores scattered across my face should be “thankful” for such royalty treatment.

My pores could now sleep soundly every night.

Thank you, Jen, for making my pores feel happier and cleaner than before!

With Jen’s professionalism in skincare, I felt I could trust her with my skin issues.

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