A Glorious Morning for Rachael McAdams

This movie will be opening in Singapore on March 24. I was invited by omg.sg to attend this movie preview at the Cathay. I love their sweet popcorn and comfy seats!

I miss sitting on those extra-comfy movie cushion chairs. It’s really nice to just sink into the chair with some warm caramel popcorns and refreshing lemonade at hand… watching Rachael McAdams prancing around the streets of New York and pursuing her dreams of producing her very own American news show.

Rachael McAdams.I heard one of the audiences exclaimed,” Oh, I love her dress! It look so pretty!”. I say, she look stunning in nude-colored chiffon dress with hot pink stilettos.

Curtains drawn.On the blank wide movie screen, it flashes the words;” Screenwriter of Devil Wears Prada'” and for a moment,I really thought I will be watching another sequel to “Devil wears Prada.” Sadly, it’s not another movie about New York Women in high fashion wear,strutting their stuff in high stilettos.It’s more about how Rachael McAdams turns her nasty and dreadful mornings to a bright and glorious one. The movie producer relies alot on slapstick and cheap comedy to get it’s audience in laughing fits.It was quite a bit of fun to roar with laughter with the rest of the audiences in the theatre.But the bantering between the two old crinkly-skin actors is enough to tug my laughing strings.

The two charming news anchor in the movie whom I really look up to.Experience and wisdom burried deep in the wrinkles.

If you are looking for movie which will your mouth hanging in the air, full of popcorn, then maybe this light-hearted movie isn’t for you. It’s a good girls’-night out or sleepover party kind-of-movie which will leave girls ranting how cute and stunning Patrick Wilson is.

Patrick Wilson.This is the sort of guy I hope to see in my office everyday. A little perk-me-up which is much better than a cup of coffee.

How many movie popcorns would I give? It deserves three popcorns! One popcorn for the hilarious scenes in the movie, one for gorgeous Patrick Wilson and one for Rachael McAdams’s witty and cute remarks.

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