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First-time using makeup artist’s tools! BRUSHES!
 The Make-Up Store. 11.30am.Paragon. Esther and I walked into the store, getting all hyped up for the contest when later we found that we are suppose to put on our foundation before doing the eye-makeup.Both of us were freaking out because our faces were bare!We did not even bring any make-up tools with us. Thank goodness, there were make-up counters in the shopping mall and in my desperation, I was  frantically asking the counter ladies for some liquid foundation samples.
Esther was rather nervous about this contest. Her first time doing make-up for herself!
The reason why I secretly sign Esther up for this contest? It’s time for her to enter into the world of beauty and make-up!
Before the contest, we were asked to select the cosmetics we need from  their make-up kit. In each kit, there were several eye make-up which are suited for my blue coloured contact lenses from FreshLook. It happens that the eyeshadow colours in the kit were the ones which I was looking for!
Both of us were given a  3-month free membership at The Make Up Store.Awesome!
Well, our make-up did not turn out the way we have expected. But it was fun, anyway! Thanks to Freshlook and The Make-Up store !
Do check out the video below which show us strutting out stuff!


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