The Makeup Store: Challenge Starts Here

Makeup store deeniseglitz

First-time using makeup artist’s tools! BRUSHES!

The Make-Up Store

11.30am: Paragon

Esther and I walked into the Makeup store at Paragon, Orchard Road. We were getting all hyped up for the contest when later we found that we are supposed to put on our foundation before doing the eye makeup.

Both of us were freaking out because our faces were bare!

To our surprise…

Makeup store deeniseglitz

We did not even bring any make-up tools with us. Thank goodness, there were make-up counters in the shopping mall and in my desperation, I was  frantically asking the counter ladies for some liquid foundation samples.

My Best Friend, Esther

Makeup store deeniseglitz

Esther was rather nervous about this contest. It was her first time doing make-up for herself!

The reason why I secretly sign Esther up for this contest? It’s time for her to enter into the world of beauty and make-up!

Before the contest, we need to select some suitable makeup for our eyes.

Makeup store eye make up cosmetics

Eye Make-up

Makeup brushes

In each kit, there were several eye make-up which would suit my blue coloured contact lenses from FreshLook. It happened that the eyeshadow colours in the kit were the ones which I was looking for!

What we took home


Both of us were given a 3-month free membership at The Make Up Store. Awesome Posum!

Well, our make-up did not turn out the way we have expected. But it was fun, anyway!


Thanks to Freshlook and The Make-Up store!

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