Hada Labo: Water-Loving Fishball Skin


I’ve just got my hands on this bottle of Hada Labo essence here. I’ve not even broken the seal yet!

So, what’s all these ravings and comments about this little cup that holds water for the skin? A bunch of liquids that unlocks the ocean in your skin with one drop?

Let’s study the ingredients in scientic manner because facts don’t lie.

1) Water

The cells are thirsty. They are craving for water molecules all the time.

2) TheAntibiotics”

Butylene Glycol

This colourless liquid prevents bacteria growth in cosmetic products.More importantly, Butylene Glycol is a solvent and a humectant which functions by attracting water molecules from the atmosphere, preventing the drying out of cosmetics.

3) Fake Gummy Bears


Another water-loving humectant that can turn your skin on your face to become a tiny vacuum for moisture. When frozen,This sweet-tasting chemical turns into a gummy,gel-like consistency.

4) Emollient

PPG-10 Methyl Glucose Ether

Another compound which has moisturizing properties.It functions by increasing hydration and decreasing evaporation of moisture on the skin surface.



This ingredient helps to prevent fungus from growing in the hydrating lotion.Interestingly, there are some health issues regarding this chemical compound that it could be cancerous. It was said that this ingredient can penetrate easily into our skin and could toxify our cells.However, the truth is methylparaben is a naturally-occuring chemical compound which are found in fruits like blueberries. Well, I would say that this chemical which are probably added in small concentrations,is not lethal enough to cause our cells to go haywire.

6) Disodium Succinate

Similar to Succinate acid

7) Wrinkle-free Agent

Sodium Hyaluronate

Used widely in the treatment of fine lines (wrinkles)

8) Thickener


It acts as a thickening agent for the lotion and this explains why the lotion feel sticky and slimmy.

9) The ‘Krebby’ Cycle

Succinic Acid

This chemical is one of the components in the kreb cycle which is part of our cellular respiration process. It was probably added to this miracle lotion to stimuate cellular respiration, enhancing oxygen intake by our skin cells.

10) “A drop of this, unlocks the ocean”

Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid

This is main ingredient which is one of the featured ingredients in this lotion, is actually found in high concentrations in our eyes and joints. Should you find this lotion too pricey, you might want to attempt to inject some of your eye fluid into your skin tissues. Based on other reviews by beauty bloggers, this helps to make your skin supple and ultra-bouncy like fishballs.(Watch their product comercial and you will know what I mean.) Interestingly, this star ingredient was also claimed to be the ” key to the fountain of youth”. I guess it’s because when your skin is well-hydrated, the process of skin aging will be slowed down.

11)Sodium Acetylated Hyaluronate

That’s Sodium + Acetyl + Hyaluronate Acid , get it?

Verdict: Achieve Skin that feels like fishballs.

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