What Travelling is All About

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You could say that this is one of my personal and casual blog post because I don’t usually write my blog entries in such a way. But I knew I had to blog down my thoughts before I forget all those wonderful fleeting moments that I experience with a bunch of crazy friends whom I have travelled with to Vietnam and Cambodia.

Nothing beats the company of good friends.

Nothing simply beats that.

Simplicity is fun. There were just a group of us and bottles of green tea, Johnnie Walker, cup noodles and Kettle Chips in Honey and Dijon.

7 martians donned in shimmering bathe robes, building that circle of trust.

Learn to spread your love like a wildfire but don’t ever get yourself burnt.

I fell, slipped, burnt and crashed. The next daybreak I was ready to find myself again.

Believe in the makings of the world and life. Let the Lord lead the way .

Blackouts, torrential rains, horrendous insect bites, painful blisters and tearful heart. But laughter and glittering smiles washes all the pain away.

Miracles happen but be patient.

Maybe my prayers are just not heard no matter how hard I tried to pray to the sky.

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