Being Part of the Election 2011

Being Part of the Election 2011
Try clicking on the “VOTE NOW!” icon but your computer just didn’t flash the words “VOTED”? Well, you should have click on this first.http://sgblogawards.omy.sg/2011/category/?cat=ybloggist

No, I wasn’t part of the Singapore General Elections 2011.
But I’m here to annouce that my flowery green fields were sown in the grounds of omy.sg.
I really want to witness this and I clicked this html.
And I was radiating with joy but was dampened by figures.
I may have hit the facts but not the figures.
At this moment, I really need your fingers to tap that pink button.

Glad that my blogging efforts were recognised with a letter Y. I may not be the last one standing but at least I was one of the final few who get to stand and shine for a couple of seconds.

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