Ginvera: The Hydrating Green Tea Bag

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One of my students asked,” So, having hydrated skin is a good or bad thing?” I could almost imagine a bevvy of ladies rejoicing in the name of “hydrated skin.”


A pretty big and heavy sample size for my skin’s appetite!

Almost every cosmetic products in the market have these words “moisture” and “hydrates” stamped across those pretty little things on the shelves of the beauty giants in Singapore.

I knew it was a top priority for all women (and men) across the globe to slap SPF 30 sunscreens and moisturiser on their ever-so-delicate skin but I couldn’t just empty my pockets and splurge on food for my skin. Well, I guess I don’t have to use La Mer’s when I could use Nivea’s or Ginvera’s.

However, there are just too many products to choose from the different range of skincare products and I guess the only solution is to “sample” their products to see how well their products are in harmony with my skin. Thankfully, there are websites where you can request for free samples.

Recently, I was selected by The Sample Store to try out 2 latest “baby” products from Ginvera and to write a review on these new products.

1. Ginvera’s Aqua Whitening Cream 
2. Ginvera’s Green Tea BB Cream

My Verdict

Ginvera’s Aqua Whitening Cream 

moisturizer ginvera

Ginvera’s Green Tea BB Cream

bb cream ginvera

Let’s place these two products under a “scientific” spotlight and see whether they really shine among the rest.

1. The “Invisisble Cloak” Potion

A pretty big and heavy sample size for my skin’s appetite!

” I guess it’s really hard for me to tell whether this product really performs its claimed benefits but what I really like about this product is how it feeds my skin cells with sufficient, and not too much, hydrants in a gentle and calm manner unlike other creams that would tend to overfeed the skin cells.”

2. The BB cream that Floats and Flows Away

Product Claimed Benefits: Moisture & Nourishment, Brightening, Protection against harmful UV rays (SPF 30).

“Well, this product does perform up to its cosmetic benefits and the cream really do justice to what it is marketed for. Unlike other BB creams, it does not give my face that pale white ghastly look when I take photographs and more importantly, it gives my skin a smooth finish with a nice and even skin tone. But it just didn’t provide enough coverage to hide my dark eye circles and other blemishes completely that I had to seek my concealer pen for help. Lastly, I just can’t possibly understand why the cream is always leaking out, spilling all over the cap. Is it me or it is running away from my panda eyes? “

Do visit Ginvera’s Facebook page and redeem a free sample for yourself! Have yourself a cup of nice green tea!

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