The Blue Box

We were young,we were free
Stay up late, we don’t sleep
Get our friends, got the night
We’ll be alright.
– “We’ll be alright” by Travie McCoy

Project Mam Xanh’s  18 Secret Angels wearing our BLUE mission tees.

Last year, Project Mam Xanh sent 18 Secret angels on a mission to Da Nang, Vietnam to celebrate Christmas with a hundred of kids living in the poorer suburbs of Da Nang City in central Vietnam. We donated bookcases with a tonnes of English and Vietnamese books inside and conducted fun-filled English educational camps for them. We had a blast and very soon, we were all suffering from withdrawal symptoms from our trip.

We were once as young as them.And we want them to enjoy the youth we had. The young helps the young.That’s part of our youth. We lead a stable life and had everything we wanted. These kids only had these BLUE tables,support their tiny elbows.

To save ourselves from getting “cold turkeys”, one of the secret angels believe that our only treatment was to hop into a BLUE jeep where we’ll seek and explore the world beyond our boundaries.The 7 of us had no idea that we will be embarking on a wonderful 288 hours-long journey that we’ll probably remember for the rest of our life.Little did we know that we’ll encounter one of  the biggest obstacles in our life.

Once again, we had embarked on a new and exciting  journey again. However, there were only 7 Secret Angels willing to squeeze themselves in this small and humble sized  BLUE jeep.

 Our first obstacle were tall,treacherous mountains in Sapa, towering over us,pushing us to our limits.Our young skin burns slightly and wrinkled under the strong UV rays, but we persist on, never giving up til we reached the peak. When we were exhausted with our energy running low, we were once again stupified by another challenge posed by nature. But the heat was too intense.The burning hot sand were soldering our feet and we felt like we were sinking into this deep hole, thinking that we’ll never be able to get through this.

We’ve fought against the strong winds and the piercing,scorching hot sand that burns our bare feet and blind our eyes. But we were not blinded what others think of us. We are clear of our wildest dreams and where we are heading towards.Look beyond the BLUE sky and you’ll see endless possibilities.

Then,the wind blew fine sand and dust into our eyes.And we remembered why we are here for.

We were here to master Kungfu Panda’s inner peace. Locking up your “scarred” past and believing in you can do for yourself today.After the long journey, we had our skin stained with bruises, insect bites and sunburns but the wounds would heal one day and newly form skin will surface. We’ll all be ready to face the world in no time and learning to turn the “impossibles” into “possibles”.

We believe in the impossibles. Even if it means “catching the sunrise” with your bare hands against the big BLUE sea of fluffy clouds.

288 hours has flew past quickly. A brand new day begins and we landed in Singapore with brave hearts.Time dissapears but memories don’t. Our memories of how we conquered the world remains forever in our blue boxes found on Facebook who is also a  true BLUE fan.

Framing up our memories in a BLUE box. We live “in” and “out” of the box.      
The colour of hope
The vision of dreams
Washes out and purifies the young soul.

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