We ate BB Cream and Moisturiser for lunch

I was invited by The Sample Store to attend Ginvera’s Blogger Party Event at Novus@National Museum of Singapore. Ginvera has recently launched their 2 new products, BBcream and Aqua Whitening Cream.As a token of appreciated to thank the bloggers, they treated us with a nice scrumptions,creamy,nude lunch at this cozy place.

I love their Victorian-style settings with grand, spacious windows that allow much of the sunlights to brighten the room naturally.

The restaurant was “prettied” up with lovely fresh white flowers that instantly jazz up the settings.

When  we were seated down on our table with our glass of water and napkins ready,  these beauty galore of products were placed right infront of us, ready to be eaten and tested by us.

Guess what’s next on the meu ? This tall,suave-looking waiter with his Elvis Presly-look  fringe presented and served us with Ginvera’s BB cream. All placed and arranged neatly on a elegant silverish tray. This could be one of the many occasions where I get to eat a bottle of face cream for lunch.

Oh, I realised, the creams were food for our face and this colorful-menacious appetiser over here is food for our growling stomachs.

We had to do work while eating. We practised the art of multi-tasking at the table, eating while taking a skin moisture test for their products.

After all the work is done, we were treated with this Garden Tart that is filled all plant and fungi species you can find in your nearby garden.

I can’t remember what’s this but it does a good job of satisfying my stomach, along with the ceramic spoon.

After all the food, the 30 bloggers were told to rack our brains again, acting as judges for Ginvera’s blogging contest.

How I wish I could make these stylish fingerfood and serve them to my friends some day .. ..

It was teatime,remember? How could they not serve as a hot cuppa of coffee?

Are those really MACARONS ? I miss Paris .. ..

These chocolate-coated rocky truffles ain’t fancy-looking, but when your teeth sink into it you burst out of the room screaming,”heavens!”. A sweet tasty treat to end the whole event for that saturday 🙂

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