A Sexy Umbrella for Your Tresses

Sunsilk Singapore,Unilever 
Weather-Defence Product Launch
@Ben & Jerry’s  (The Heeren)

Over the weekend, I was invited to attend Sunsilk’s new product launch event for thesamplestore.com bloggers. The first part of the event was a short presentation on their products and useful hair tips and the later half was a sinful and calorie-piling ice-cream feast.

The extreme weather conditions and the constant exposure to sun can cause the hair strands to weaken over time when the hair cuticles constantly closes and open under changes in humidity. To prevent your hair from drying and frizzing up, you can try using moisturizing hair products which could help to seal up the cuticles. The layer of hair product applied also acts a protective layer which helps the hair to avoid exposure to heat and UV rays.Sunsilk’s Weather defense could also be the “umbrella” that shields the hair from sun exposure.

Sunsilk Weather Defense Shampoo.
Sunsilk’s Weather Defense Range consist of:
1) Shampoo
2) Conditioner
3) Leave On conditioner
4) Hair Serum
During the presentation, the Assisting Brand Manager asked us to take a whiff of the shampoo and guess who inspired the scent.
My answer: Pantene? This smell strikingly similar to Pantene’s shampoo.
The Ultimate Truth: It’s a Twiggy-inspired scent which is sexily named as the Lady Vamp. A scent that will knock out any man who sniff your hair.

A sexy weather shampoo that will lure the opposite sex.
Sunsilk Weather Defense Serum: The Serum is less oily as compared to other hair serum of existing brands
 The weather defense hair serum is suitable for people with oily and greasy hair because the texture of the serum is light and non-greasy. However, you may find yourself having to exert several pushes on the dispensing cap to release a sufficient amount that would coat your long tresses. Other existing brands of hair serum are richer and heavier in texture,thus, less amount of the product is needed.

Similarly, the leave-on condition also has a very light texture which can be smoothed easily on the hair for that added protection. Leave-on conditioners that are too rich or creamy poses a difficulty in applying an equal distribution on the hair root ends.

Teddy Charles + Vogue = WOW! Hair celebrity. This is the man who has co-created the Weather Defense range with Sunsilk. The spark behind this product.

 During the whole presentation, the name “Teddy Charles” was mentioned repeatedly because he is the red carpet celebrity stylist who handles the tresses of people appearing in the hollywood scene. By pairing a hair expert with the product, this anti-frizz hair product turns from ordinary to stunning.

I was really intrigued by one of the ingredients listed in this product. The secret key ingredient used in these products is Trehalose, a plant sugar obtained from the Rose of Jericho. I was curious to find out the science behind this ingredient. The Rose of Jericho is a desert plant which will shrink to a ball in dry conditions and bloom when water is available.The star ingredient, Trehalose, helps the plant to retain moisture in extreme dry weather conditions. This moisture-retaining ingredient is no different from chemicals with moisturizing properties. By boosting or featuring the main ingredient in the product, it simply helps to create the hype about the science and technology behind the product.

Polaroid shot!  It was great to meet other blogging peeps like Anna who think alike!Check out her blog.

 It’s summer now. This is the period where you are prone to have your bad hair days.To flip the switch from “bad” to “good”, it’s time to use a moisturizing shampoo and squirt a little more conditioner to seal up those hair cuticles. Another fun way of sealing up the hair cuticles during summer is to splash your hair with cold water. The cold water gently closes the hair cuticles and smoothens the hair shaft.

This was Anna‘s Sundae – Double scoop ice-cream with chocolate brownie. A great recipe for a sinful sundae.

And this, was my Sundae – Double sorbet with Belgium waffle. It wasn’t a perfect combination, I guess.

Saying “merci” to Sunsilk: A full range of Sunsilk Weather defense products to pamper my mane.
After a couple of washes with their shampoo, my final verdict is that this product range is relatively effective in countering frizz if you use the full product range. In my opinion,the shampoo,alone, would not be effective enough to de-frizz your tresses. At least for my tresses.
Overall, it’s a great anti-frizz hair product which is light and gentle on the hair for everyday use. More importantly, it’s one of the most affordable products available in the market that could combat hair frizz which is caused by the harsh weather conditions we are exposed to.

Dear Readers, You’re in for a treat today.

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