Livin’ the Blue Dream

I opened my eyes.
 “All passenger,please put on your safety belt.Our plane is…”
On a plane? 
Fly, aeroplane,fly!
 Mr Glitzie? What is Mr.Glitzie doing here?

(In case you didn’t know who Mr.Glitzie is…well…he is a monkey….a travelling companion of mine.To know more about Mr.Glitzie, please click here or there.)
Are we jet-setting off to another destination, Mr Glitzie?
Drawn with Microsoft ClipArt’s crayon effect.
“Dear passengers, we are reaching Langkawi…”
Lights off.
It was black.
Finally,the lights were back again.
I found myself standing in a circle with 7 other people in Langkawi International airport.
Then, a girl who was clad in a sundress with dark purple shades,grabbed my hand 
and said, ” Let’s take a photo!Come!Cute poses,please!”
That’s singaporean accent! I knew it. These 7 pple flew with me to Langkawi from Singapore. But why? Who are there people? Why am I here? A stream of questions marks sprout continuously off my head.
Immediately, another well-built man in his mid-thirties who was wearing a SAFRA shirt came into my vision and announced.
“Later,everyone will check-in at one of the award-winning and best resort of the year in Langkawi. We have also arranged a nice,romantic dinner at a posh restaurant by the beach. And tomorrow, we will swimming,snorkelling,scuba diving at Pulau Payar Marine Park. For the next couple of days, we will also be going for spas,massage……”
Four Seasons Resort at Langkawi.(Taken from fourseasonshotel website)
” Hi… I’m Daniel and you’re…?” 
A sturdy hand was extended infront of me and I looked up and saw his wide,earnest smile that radiates a warm glow.
“erm…Hi…I’m Deenise.” I gazed into his eyes.
He looks like someone who just walked out of page in magazines.
“It’s amazing here.Isn’t it?”, he said.
 I looked away and glance far across the distance, with his face going out of focus for a minute.

“This is triple awesomess! It’s been ages ever since I tilt up my head and enjoy a spectacular view of the sky.” I beamed happily to myself.

You could almost walk on water here.(Taken from image)
 Why haven’t I notice this little jewel before? An island-gateway that I’ve been longing for.
” Breakfast by the beach,lunch by the beach. Everything here is by the beach. Alright, guys, let’s starting heading to the resort.” The SAFRA guy beckoned us to follow him.
With a cute companion.
“Under the sea…under the fish?”( Taken from Image)
” Have you gone snorkelling before?” Daniel asked as we are bobbing up and down in the clear blue waters and dancing along with the fishes.
“Yeah ! I love it. I miss being close with nature.” I casually replied.
“Anyway, something is really puzzling me. I still don’t know where I am here…or why we’re here.”
Daniel chuckled.
” You didn’t know about it? “

Daniel took off his snorkelling goggles.

He continued,

“We are the chosen 8 aspiring travel bloggers from the blogging contest organised by SAFRA found on. This blue paradise trip will last for 4 days and 3 nights. You know, I’ve read your blog entries and watched your Youtube Singing videos  and it was …”

“Ouch! Something’s bitting my feet!” I yelled.
I swear my lungs are going to burst if I continue to scream.
Taken from the sea of google images. I am not “phishing”!
Gosh! It’s a barracuda! HELP!!!!
and it’s biting off my foot!
“Penny! Come here! Enough!”
The deafening loud commotion woke me hard. 
I rubbed my eyes.
And I saw a cute little golden retriever puppy licking and “chewing” on my slippers.
 A real.
Everyone at the bus-stop was staring.
I think I heard some giggles too.


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