Pairing a word with a note

I love writing.
More than speaking.
Voices can get drown.
By the wind or noise.
Dispersed and dissapear.
But words engraved on paper.
On cave walls.
On tree barks.
Stays forever.
Can speak of the past.
And present.
Every strokes.
With your emotions gushing thru the pen.
As love and hatred bleeding thru’ its tip.
You really can’t deny it.
Because evidence stays.
The power of words.
 Strengthened by music.
 Pairing the words with a note.
Adding a string of rhythm.
That follows to the beat of your heart.
With a composition.
So strong.
That it penetrate thru’ the hearts of others.
A song.
Your song.
Our song.


Inspired? Grab a pen and pen down your thoughts.
Speak Mandarin Campaign has organise a Mandarin Song Writing contest for aspiring lyrists,composers and musicians in Singapore.

Contest ends on 5 September 2011.

For more details, please visit the link below or click here.

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