Singapore Blog Award 2011: You’re the Star & I’m the Nut

Singapore Blog Awards 2011
@ Shanghai Dolly
23 July 2011
I am loving the bright PINK external decor which is so attention seeking. Shanghai Dolly is located near Zirca, a little pink gem which is tucked away in a little corner.
While I was waiting to enter Shanghai Dolly, there are a bunch of people from the media armed with their huge bulky black tools. Don’t you dare to open your eyes.* FLASH*FLASH.*
This is my first time attending a pretigious blogger event and I was elated that I was chosen as one of the nominees for the Y Bloggist category even though I am just a small fry” as compared to other experienced bloggers who have been blogging for years. Being select as one of the finalist was an acheievement considering that I’ve just started entering the blogosphere last year.
HISTORY GETS SOCIAL! And I am very proud to be part of SBA‘s history.
That’s me (right) and my guest, Tracy, who is there for the event to support me. I was dresses in sultry black for that day. Black, Wicked Saturday.
That’s Samantha on the left. Another blogger which I’d met at previous blogger events!
I flipped open the booklet which was distributed to us at the registration booth and TADAHHH!…Isn’t that my blog banner? Wait a minute.That isn’t the title of my blog. That’s the title of my YouTube Channel! Printing error, maybe? I was laughing to myself when the Emcee tried to pronounce the name of my blog in French. Good job!
This is probably one of the best cranberry juice I’ve ever tasted! Thanks to Asia Pacific Breweries for the fantastic cranberry juice or punch!
Is there any events in Singapore that doesn’t display a pile of delicious fingerfood? Embrace our food-loving nation.
Domino’s Pizza! I’ve been always wanting to try out their pizza and I was plesantly surprise that they have sent of their coolest and cutest dude to serve us pizzas. What I really love about their pizza is the irresistable,creamy CHEESE and it tastes like a slice of authentic Italian pizza but slightly thicker.
Although I didn’t manage to bag home an award, I wasn’t back home empty-handed. At least I have a retro polka dot handphone pouch which constantly motivates me to venture further into the blogging sphere.

Merci and its sponsors for organising this event.

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