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CitiglobeShopper by CitiBank
@Fruits Paradise, Orchard Central
27 August 2011
Wouldn’t it be great if we can have a nice cup of Rosebud Tea with a slice of Mango Strawberry Sponge cake while shopping online?
CitiBank has introduced a new online shopping service to all CitiBank Card members .

It was very nice of them to invite us for tea…

but they threw us a little “bomb” while we were sipping our tea and nibbling on our cakes.

A challenge to introduce the Citiglobeshopper service with a big white poster board, a few colour markers and a stack of coloured construction paper in 15 minutes.

Oh it’s a Saturday! Please don’t get my brains working again. The weekend mantra:cakes first, work last.
Every thing’s in 3D. Our posters,too, must be in 3D and viewers must be equipped with cool 3D glasses.

Dear Online Shopaholics,

Want to know a little more but without having to be overloaded with information?

No brochures,posters or sales promoter with an undying spirit to pester you.

Just watch into this blue space which will bring you into space.

Loving that bohemian maxi dress from Forever21 on their US site?
Hoping you could wear that for this Saturday’s night event?
Can’t wait to slip on that dress right away and sashay your way to the event?
1. Sign up for a Citiglobeshopper account.
2. Purchase item at a US or UK online store.
3. Type in  Borderlinx’s Office Address so that the items could be sent there.
4. Borderlinx will help you to consolidate all your purchased items bought over 30 days.
5. Then, they will ship over all your items in a bundleby DHL.
Make sure your doorbell is working for the next 3 to 5 days.
Prepare to open the door before the postman knocks.
Get ready to rip open your package to unearth all the goodies.
That’s it?
That’s it.

It’s amazing how your item get to flew across oceans and mountains while you are sipping latte at your house backyard.

I just bought a studio microphone from amazon.com using borderlinx, read all about it here!
For more information, please visit :
Play a Facebook game and earn some cash to offset your shipping charges:
Online game ends on 30  September 2011.

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