Apple Raisin Cinnamon Oatmeal

A bowl of oatmeal a day, keeps the heart doctor away

Kick start your day with this nutritious oatmeal which is rich in souble fibre, complex carbohydrate and packed with minerals like iron and zinc.Being rich in dietary fibre, it makes you feel fuller longer which is helps in weight loss.It’s also a common breakfast food item for young men who want to toughen up their muscles as oatmeal is also a source of protein.The health benefits of this plain-looking oats are not limited to these.It has been shown that it could decrease the absorption of bad cholesterol which is associated to high blood pressure and heart disease. A bowl of oats soaked with a bundle of goodness and health benefits.

Soft Chunks of Apples

To get started, we’ll toss the apples into a hot pot of boiling water to cook and soften the apples. After about 10 minutes or so, add the rolled oats into the pot and continue to stir the mixture occassionally to prevent the oatmeal from sticking to the base of the pot.In this recipe, I’ve used rolled oats for this recipe instead of quick oats which are further processed oatsYou may add some milk or apply juice to the oatmeal to enhance the flavour of the oatmeal porridge and to cancel out the bland taste of the oats. Cook the oats til it reaches a porridge-like consistency.

Shiny and Glossy Dancing Rainsins 

Served warm and drizzle a tablespoon of honey.Then, top it off with a handful of vitnamin E-rich almonds and raisins. Look at those chunky glossy raisins!

 Does healthy food numb your taste buds?

And there you have it! Warm honey apples cinnamon oatmeal served at your breakfast table.Okay, maybe it doesn’t look so appetizing but at least it’s nutritious!Truthfully, I know most Asians would prefer eating the chinese-style congee than meatless plain-looking and tasteless bowl of oatmeal. For me, I didn’t start out eating oatmeal for breakfast. It’s an acquired taste I guess.After consuming oatmeal for a couple of times, I’ve started to enjoy the natural taste of the oatmeal,even without any sugar or honey added! But not without my love,cinnamon.

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