I Can’t Drive But I Think I Can Dive

Discovering Scuba Diving
@ Outram Secondary School
3 August 2011
Diving is one of the few once-in-a-life and life threatening activities under my bucket list. But I wasn’t too sure about diving happily with a school of fishes when a shark is tailing me right at the back.What if I got bitten by a colourful,menacing and poisonous fish? What if I got stung by jellyfish and needed someone to pee directly on me? There are just too many “what if”s”. Thankfully, there’s a short introductory course to diving for beginners who aren’t quite sure whether they can adapt in the deep blue ocean. Instead of diving in the deep open waters with the corals, we dive in 2 mtres deep pool of chlorinated waters.
Hours before this course, I was already feeling the jitters, wondering who my instructor and classmates would be. It really came a shock to me when I knew I was the only student for the course that day.
After going through the course, most of my “what if”s” heave melted away and I am starting to dream of making handshakes with the dolphins in the ocean some day.
The Saliva Splitting Action
The instructor took of his goggles and said,” Now. let’s spit into your goggles.” And I was like,” Are you kidding?”  Apparently, the layer of saliva can defog the goggles. Hmm…maybe we should start spitting our spectacles before leaving an air-conditioned room.
Breathe Like a Fish
Bite hard on the regulator and breathe like a fish through your mouth. You have to concentrate hard on breathing air through your mouth at a slow pace.
Bobbing up and down
 The scuba tank can be very heavy and it can drag you down in water.So, to sink or float, press or release the buttons on the buoyancy control device to pump in or release air.
 I really start to get the hang of scuba diving and I completed the course within 45 minutes, learning how deal with some emergency situation under waters. I guess I am ready to go for a open diving trip and visit the fishies living in the corals!

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