My Little Toes are Dancin’, All the Way to Melbourne

Can you believe this?Because I can’t believe it either.
I receive a call from
Singapore Blog awards? Australia?
One of the winners couldn’t make it?
I came in second?
Are you serious?
My voice quavers in excitement.
You mean I have a chance to visit Melbourne with the other bloggers?
Deenise! You’d better slap yourself real hard.
7 to 11 September 2011?
Goodness gracious!
My first day of work kicks start on 12 September.
Everything seems to fit in perfectly.
Look at my feet!
My little toes are dancing.
And feet tapping to the beat.
Teleport me to Wildback Victoria, Jetstar

Taken from
BRRrrr…It’s cold over here. 
I need to snuggle under a warm comforter with Mr.Glitzie.

Mr.Glitzie: Yo Mate! You can’t see me cos’ my head is kinda huge!
Where’s my white comfy bed ? With an awesome view of the Yarra River while I count the number of sheep in Victoria in bed?

Photo taken from

I’ve set foot on this continent before but this is my first time greeting the Victorians.

And its kangeroos.

Kangeroos coming’ your way.

Stay tuned.


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