Singin’ With My Ukulele Under a Frangipani Tree

@ Lower Pierce Reservoir

I love flowers, especially the plesant-smelling ones like frangipani. My mind went into a full-bloom when I saw pretty white frangipani flowers scattered all over the fresh green grass patch in Lower Pierce Reservoir. A fantastic background drop for capturing beautiful moments in nature.
It was a scorching hot tuesday afternoon on our Nation’s 46th birthday.What an honour to be doing my first photoshoot on a historical and eventful date. 
This maxi-beach dress with intricate flower patterns was definitely a steal which I bought in Phuket that only cost me S$10! And I paired it with a pair of diamonds-studded brown sandals to bring out the summery feel of the dress.
The raw photos turn out great but unfortunately, I won’t be able to illustrate how cool the photos turn out til the photographer have finish editing it. 
We were about to leave the reservoir afer the photoshoot but I was thinking, how could we leave this beautiful place without taking a video for my YouTube Channel?
So, here it goes.
Filmed right under a frangipani tree.

Credits to Esther, who helped me shoot the video.

        Song : Stuck like Glue by Sugarland

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