Triple Berrilicious Cinnamon Pancakes

Waking up on a lazy Sunday morning with cinnamon pancakes drizzled with honey. It’s cinnamon again. My all-time favourite spice.
I love making pancakes but I didn’t want to buy a packet of flour, a carton of eggs and vanilla essence just to make a couple of pancakes for breakfast. So I figured that instant pancake mix works better for me. The best thing about this instant pancake mix is that it doesn’t  require any eggs! An egg-less, fuss-free and healthy pancake recipe to be unfold…
Step 1: Measure about a cup of pancake mix and add a dash of cinnamon powder to it. Add 3/4 cups of cold water to the pancake mix and stir well til it achieves a smooth and creamy consistency.
Step 2: Use a medium-sized soup ladle and pour the batter slowly onto the heated pan. Remember to grease the pan with some butter or olive oil. As I did not want my pancakes to be too buttery, I used olive oil to grease the pan. It’s also a healthy option to use olive oil instead of butter because butter is going to instantly add calories and saturated to your body after every mouth of pancakes.Next,leave the pancake batter on  the pan for a minute or so and flip it over once it turns golden brown.

Step 3: Decorate the cinnamon pancakes with any summer fruits of your choice. As for myself, I love munching on berries like blueberries,Strawberries and blackberries during summer. Then, drizzle some honey over the pancakes. Serve the warm cinnamon pancakes with butter or margarine.

You don’t have to spend a $10 note bill on pancakes at eateries like Wild Honey and Strictly Pancakes. Well, the pancakes might not turn out as fantastic or as fluffy as theirs but at least, it’s healthier without the egg whites and butter.

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