An Exhilarating Helicopter Ride at the Great Ocean Road!

The Great Ocean Road
@ Melbourne
Bunyip Tour
9 September 2011


Rrrrring Rrring Ring.
Melbourne: The city becomes unusually quiet in the early Saturday
morning.No humans, just buildings. With you, all alone, standing and
looking through the window.
Waking up
to fresh and new morning in Melbourne.It’s only the second day of our
tour but I’m feeling little exhausted from the previous day’s tour.Maybe
a good hearty breakfast at the hotel would perk me up.
The tour
starts at 7am. The bus picked us up from hotel and sent us to the Bunyip
office where there’s a small cosy cafe next to it. We were allocated to
Bus A and we joined with the rest of the tourist who were here with us
on the journey to THE GREAT OCEAN ROAD!
It was a
cold, windy and wet morning, According to Tony, there will be occasional
showers and  downpour. Fortunately, the showers stop when we reach the
Great Ocean Road.
After about
2 hours long of the winding bus ride, we made a 15 minute stop over for
a coffee/tea break. We can grab a cup of hot coffee or tea and dipped
some butter biscuits in it.
It feels so
nice and warm to be drinking hot tea in a chilly weather. A cup of hot
chocolate would be even better though. How about some Milo? Anyone?
I’m in love
with nature,especially flowers like this. It’s so pretty and
eye-catching. I notice that it’s quite rare to find flowers growing at
the Great Ocean Road. Maybe it’s the tough weather conditions or blame
it on the seasons.Anyhow, this is one of the prettiest bunch of flowers
I’ve spotted during our trip.
The bus
ride to the Great Ocean Road was long and treacherous because there
were lots of winding roads and the bus was travelling at a very fast
speed.For someone who suffer from travelling or motion sickness,like
myself, would be a horrible experience to be sitting in the bus and
trying to prevent yourself from puking and emptying your stomach
contents. I ate the motion sickness pills but it was useless. You bet,
the journey was a tough one. But during the later half of the journey, I
was asked to sit right infront and thaank goodness, it did help alot
when you are sitting infront, looking straight ahead.
Spot the Koala Game
the bus driver spotted a koala, he would pull the bus to a stop so that
the tourist can get off the bus to take a closer look at the koalas. It
seems like there were numerous wild koalas around the Great Ocean
Road. The driver is really good at spotting a koala.
Cape Otway Lighthouse
We had our Aussie BBQ lunch at the Cape Otway lighthouse.
The owners of the lighthouse live in a cottage a few kilometres away from the lighthouse.
Ooo lala! Is that my chicken pea pie?
I use to wonder what life is like for a lighthouse keeper. Their lives seems easy and carefree.
I could
picture myself sitting on the wooden bench, sipping hot cocoa and
enjoying a spectacular view with my loved ones. Moments like these are
precious and rare.
Enjoying some beef sausages with a garden of salad and potatoes
Simplicity is beautiful.
I wouldn’t mind living here. It’s not a bad idea to retire and live in a lighthouse like this for the rest of your life.
A charming granny with a warm,infectious smile.
Look at these rock formations. The layer of sedimentary rocks that
pile above one another.The history that get piled on top of one
another.The past is here to stay.
My first Helicopter Ride
It’s crazy,
don’t you think so? I would never expect myself to be sitting in a
helicopter, getting a perspective from the birds cruising in the skies.
It’s fantastic to be up here in the sky after living so long on land.
It’s great to be dancing with the clouds and viewing things from up
I can’t stop smiling to myself.
Wow! This looks cool! Can I push that red button, Mr.Pilot?
I wonder what it’s like to be flying in a helicopter and ferrying passengers everyday?
Jenny from Tourism Victoria and Eunice,travel blogger
You mean all these coastal lines are crafted by nature? From a
bird’s eye view, the shape of the coast looks like it was moulded.
I’m feeling like a kid all over again,feeling the jitters as I climbed into the helicopter.
OH YEAH! Looks like my self-snap shots skills have been improving.
I was bored. So I decided to teach Camilla some snapshot poses and
the bus driver overheard our conversation and decided to trying
something with his fingers.
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