Citigate Melbourne:Hotel Room Tour

C’est La Vie
My Quirky Camera which works 24 hours non-stop during this Melbourne trip.
This digital compact camera is works well for me…
Just in case you are wondering…
Next stop, the place where dreams come alive.
Welcome Ms. Yang!
It definitely put a smile on my face when I
read the personalized card placed next to the television together with a
box of chocolates.
And What happens to Mr.Glitzie after 8 hours of flight from Singapore to Melbourne…
He almost zonked out at Tullamarine Airport.
Once we arrived at Melbourne,all of us were exhausted from the long flight.
We took a 30 minute bus ride to reach the hotel at downtown Melbourne.
Mr.Glitzie was suffering from a Jet Lag.
Mr.GLitzie and I were so elated that we could catch a short nap before joining the rest for lunch later at noon.
Don’t you love the green retro design? It’s a green jungle color!
A luxurious colour which gives Mr.Glitzie a homely feel.
091We had a wonderful window view of the beautifully designed Flinder’s Station.
A colonial-style building  blending with the sharp,modern and tall skyscrapers in the background.
A 21st century livable modern city that leaves traces of its past.
It has stories of the past intertwined with stories of the future.
“Let the past piles on you.”
Being a potato couch is one of the most enjoyable things in life.
Cherish it while you can.
It’s nice to lie on the bed,watch TV and do nothing.
It’s a holiday.
Have a glass of champagne and chill.
A heaven for excretion.
A place where bacteria and germs thrive.
Amidst the potent enemies,
lies the Roman Bath
where all humans soak in glory and love.
Come on’ in.
The Toilet, an essential in our life which we always take for granted.
Mirror,mirror hangin’ on the wall.
Tell me.
Who’s the greatest fool of all?
I wish you could lie to me.
M.Glitzie :” The toilet seat is TOO BIG for me.”
Daily business is a BIG thing.
There’s a bath tub for me to soak my feet in after a long day of tour.
30 minutes of warm bath with hydrating facial that melt the stress away.
Don’t forget to blast your favourite music with these loud speakers.
An ipod dock,
A dock for your “worries” during a holiday.
He’s trying to steal some peanuts from the mini bar.
Gettin’ a dolled up.
Ready to explore Melbourne with an open mind and heart.

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