Mr. Glitzie & the Bright Orange Star in the Sky
Dear Readers, 
You may have already know me.
And have seen me in places like the zoo and wildlife parks.
Here’s my owner and photographer,Deenise.
Both of us are embarking on an adventure to Melbourne
by Jetstar Boeing A380, a bright orange star in the sky.
Let’s take it away.
I believe I can fly on white fluffy clouds.
Deenise was bored so she raked through the pocket seat and found this.
And this.

And her jaw actually drop when she saw the word “Paris” . She gave a little squeal and shrieked,” I miss Paris!
Je T’aime Paris! I am so going to watch this movie on board!”

And tadaah!!! It’s like a nugget dropped from the sky.
But it’s a heavy one.

Besides the in-flight entertainment, the angels descend and gave us a light warm meal with a cold and hot drink.
On our flight back to Singapore, Mr.Glitzie wanted to get a bottle of water instead of a hot drink. 
So, the cabin crew
explained that he could only choose another hot drink but thank goodness, there was another passenger who
ordered the bottle of water and didn’t want it.
So, she gave it to Mr.Glitzie and it has made his day.Simple gestures
like this goes a long way.
Oh my goodness, chicken noodles cooked in dark soya chicken. 
The  neighbouring passengers must be so jealous
with Deenise & Mr.Glitzie as the aroma diffused throughout the cabin.
Yum.Maybe I was hungry but the beef pasta tasted exceptionally good.

Deenise watched Midnight in Paris while Mr.Glitzie watched his safari friends live in action.


Mr.Glitzie: ” I’m a PIRATE.MUAHAHAHA!!!!”
Mr.Glitzie just can’t stop himself from having fun with all these items from Jetstar.
Warm blankets to cuddle,
cotton socks, toothbrush and small tube of toothpaste,inflatable neck pillow and sleep eye mask.
Mr Glitzie: ” It’s all mine! MUAHAHAHAHA!”
He was totally in love with it, so he took everything home.
We were both fortunate to be equipped with warm blankets and food onboard and for some, it might not be that case…..

After watching GLEE Season 1 on the shared TV screen on-board,
Deenise: “World vision? Hmm…That’s interesting! Mr.Glitzie, how about doing a good deed while on board?”
Mr.Glitzie:”I never knew that Jetstar was involved in charity projects like this! Sounds like a great idea” 
If you like to donate, please kindly us
the cabin crew for a envelope like the one shown above and slot in any
amount of cash you would like to donate.

Thank you, Jetstar!

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