Coffee Culture Tour
8 September 2011
@ Melbourne City
You are always one of the beans.
Each time you visit a new city
Take a short city tour 
Breathe in the same air as the locals do
And taste one of the local food or drink.
In Melbourne,
Grab a cuppa from any trendy cafes 
Whift and sip a cup of real Melbourne coffee.
Coffee-loving bloggers are out to discover the coffee trends and culture in Melbourne. As we walk along the gridlines of the city, we discover one of the best hidden secrets of Melbourne.

Czeve : A tool used to make Arabic or Turkish coffee.

 Maria was our guide.
She has probably visited every single cafes in Melbourne,
and has tasted more varieties of coffee than we do.
Her passion for coffee doesn’t stops here.
A coffee lover who brings a Czeve around
Tells me that this lady takes her coffee seriously.
Turkish coffee marks the start of every coffee culture tour
As the word “coffee” spews from the Arabic world.
Assalamu Walaikum.
Coffee lovers,
On this tour,
We have a Food blogger Yiwei ,Parent blogger Daphne, Jenny from Tourism Victoria and Weiding from
All of us are unsure of what is going to come in our way.
And yearning a cup of great coffee.
Coffee maker that churns great cups of coffee for the melbournes everyday.

 Maria asked us,” What’s your favourite type of coffee?”
I said,” Vietnamese Coffee.”
I was probably new to this coffee world
And the varieties of coffee I’ve tasted 
 Could be counted fingers from both of my hands.
Vietnamese coffee is truly one of my favourites.
It has a thick and strong aroma of the coffee beans.
But according to Maria,
Vietnamese coffee is rather mild.
Wow, you mean it’s mild?
I’ve yet to taste the strongest and thickest coffee in the world.

Feast on your eyes upon the works of graffiti artist as you roam about the streets of Melbourne.
You’ll never get bored.
When there’s splashes of colour everywhere,
Seeking for your attention.

We visited several cafes to take a look at some of their coffee-making equippment before we head to Sensory Lab, which perks up any scientist, just like myself.
It’s one of the cafes that any scientist would love to enter.
Look at how “sciencey” this place is.
Siphon Coffee.
This is my first time tasting Siphon Coffee.
Scientifically, the Siphon coffee is a type of coffee prepared by a vacuum coffee maker which makes use of vapour pressure and vacuum to brew coffee.
The brewed siphon coffee was light and tasted almost like tea after coffee bean aroma has dispersed.
It does not have a thick black consistency like espresso,
as it looks almost like a cup of very dark Earl Grey Tea.
It’s just tasted really special.
All coffee-lovers should try it.
Because it could fall under one of your coffee favourites.

We,bloggers are no different from journalists
Always armed with a DSLR and notebook.
Capturing actions live
Bringing you the best of Melbourne.

A tiny cafe at the back of an alley. A secluded place for coffee hunters.

 In the tiny cafe
Works a passionate barista whose world revolves around coffee.
The way he prepares coffee
Shows how much he has dedicated his life to arabica beans.
Behind every cup of coffee is a barista.

Last stop,
We made our way to Brunetti for some macarons and cakes.
Sweet desserts.
A nice full stop for our coffee journey.

Laduree’s macarons is still the best.

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