Le Merchant : Un italien restaurant

Merchant Osteria Veneta
@Collins Street Melbourne
8 September 2011
Très Gentille
Bon Appétit
From our hotel, we
took a 15 minute stroll along the streets of Melbourne,breathing in the
cold,fresh air lingered with the aroma of coffee beans and the nice
crisp scent of flowers from the flower shops along the pavements.
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Le Chef
After the short
stroll, we arrived at the Italian Restaurant which was own by Guy
Grossi, who was recently starred as Australia’s Iron Chef.
The term ‘Italian
food’ conjures images of macaroni,pasta which are soaked in thick tomata
sauce and pizzas that has an ultra-thin crust. I’ve tasted homecooked
pastas,frozen pizzas or Italian food in mini eateries back in Singapore
but I’ve never tasted Italian food prepared in such a fine restaurant
owned by a reowned chef. Of course, this was my most anticipated lunch
with my palate ready to plunge into any dish presented on the table.
Photo Credit:  www.grossi.au
C’est Pas Mal
My mind was filled
with images of  a Venetian setting with traces of the European
architecture found in the interior design of the restaurant. Maybe a
gondola and waiters dressed with pin-striped shirts like the Venetian
But surprise,surprise…
The theme was chic and modern with a brillance of striking colours,grabbing for your attention.

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Si seulement je peux manger comme ça tous les jours…
The fine dining culture.
I’ve learn a little thing or two about fine dining from this trip to Melbourne.
How to read the menu.
I understood the French tongue and had no qualms about it but Italian? I had a struggle deciphering what’s on the menu.
Thank goodness I had Karen, a true foodie to help me decode all the Italian or food terms written on the menu.
What’s on my plate?
3 Course Meal

1. Seared Tuna Carpaccio.
I’m a hardcore
semi-vegetarian who loves chewing on the greens so I enjoyed the freshly
seared raw tuna served with lots of herbs, leaves and a dash of olive
oil. C’est parfait.
TON CRUO Seared Tuna Carpaccio
2. Char Grilled Fish
For the main dish, I had scotched fillet.
It was a simple presentation of food, nothing too fancy,fishy or surprising that would caused me to leap out of my seat.
3. Chestnut Panna Cotta with Amarone Poached Pears
Have you eaten poached pears with Nutella
Chocolate? It’s heavenly delicious. Any desserts served with poached
pears has been my favourite ever since the granny I met in Montpellier
taught me how to prepared poached pears. As I sinked my teeth into the
poached pears, I was thrilled to the extent that all my tiredness has
dissolved into happiness. At the moment, I simply couldn’t wait to dive
my spoon into the panna cotta. But, somehow, my tastebuds was very
pleased with the oversugary taste of the chestnut panna cotta.All the
sudden,Tony’s ( Our guide) Venetian Trifle looks really good.
SPUMA DI CASTAGNE CON PERA COTTA Chestnut Panna Cotta,Amarone Poached Peart
SPUMA DI CASTAGNE CON PERA COTTA Chestnut Panna Cotta,Amarone Poached Peart
La Fête
This is where all the magic happens.
Sometimes sitting down in the kitchen
Watching the chefs or someone you love  in action
As they whisk out a meal for you
With their heart and soul
It’s unimagineably incredible and heartwarming.
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A glass of champagne that bubbles won’t kill.
It just gives you another view of life.
Look through the glass.
By the way, that’s Tony,our guide, behind the champagne glass :)
Hardworking chefs deserve a break.
And Cheers.
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When life give you lemons, squeeze it and taste it.
Because life is full of surprises.
A dose of caffine to boost awakeness.
Melbourne, a city with a strong cafe culture.
In the next blog post, I will be bringing you on a coffee culture tour.
Cofee By Lavazza with Biscotti
We had these cute little round puffed biscuits served with coffee.
Dip it.
And dunk it in your cuppa.
Round Puffed biscuits with chocolate filling
A 3 course meal is too filling for any Asians with a small appetite during lunch.
I hope I won’t become a giant carnivorous meat eater after this trip.
Any predator would die for this display of meat platter.
Saying toast to all bloggers in the trip!
Thanks for blogging about a enjoyable,fruitful and memorable trip!
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Thanks to:
Rialto 495 Collins Street Melbourne
3000 Victoria Australia
Phone: +61 9614 7688

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